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A Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers selection

"In Saudade’s beautifully textured narration, you encounter a previously un-encountered, gorgeously enriched America, and characters with real blood in their veins. Saudade will engage the attention of hordes of readers."
Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler’s List

Hailed as the first contemporary Portuguese-American novel from a major U.S. publisher, a Like Water for Chocolate-style, magical realism technicolor love story set in the Azorean community of California.

An inventive and poetic novel about a young woman’s search for self-expression in a world without sound. Clara is born without the capacity to hear in the exotic Azores, where her people are haunted by the legends, literature, and mystery of these Portuguese islands.In her youth she moves to northern California, where her heritage continues to color her newfound landscape. Drawing upon her own spiritual resources, she creates her own languages in unusual, universal forms.

Praise for

Language and the power of narrative are at the heart of this enchanting story. Suspending disbelief, one willingly enters Vaz’s unique mystical world, in which colors sing and sugar can be used as a mode of speech, in which ghosts appear regularly and lovemaking is wonderfully strange and original. The audience that appreciated Like Water for Chocolate should find this novel equally appealing.


(starred review)

Foreign Edition

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